Cut Both Ways - Carrie Mesrobian

This book is about a teenage boy who hooks up sexually with his best male friend and also a girl. He constantly bounces back and forth between the two of them, hooking up with one and the next night hooking up with the other. He never does figure out if he is bisexual or what this all means for his sexual orientation though he isn't super concerned about it. He comes from a very strange family dynamic. He has sisters who seem more like a plot device. One 'relationship' seems to make him happier than the other but doesn't make any move to end either one of them. I'm not sure what the point of all of this was. I don't understand the point of this story. And I think it plays on some negative bisexual stereotypes which is unfortunate. This whole story was very graphic sexually and mostly about sex, there was a lot of sex in it and I almost felt like I picked up erotica by accident. I wasn't expecting it. Also some of the sex scenes have blurred consent lines in them which is something I felt uncomfortable about. I do not recommend this book at all and am sorry I ever picked it up. It's horrible.