Gray - Pete Wentz;James Montgomery

Gray has very mixed reviews. I see a lot of bad reviews. But I really don't agree with them. I feel like almost all of the bad reviews are from people who don't really know Pete Wentz. Not that I know him in real life but I have been a big fan for years. Before reading this book I tracked down all of his old blog posts on the internet which wasn't an easy task and I read his children's book. I became very used to the way Pete Wentz writes. It's a lot of metaphors and dramatic descriptions. Sometimes you have to stop and really evaluate what he is trying to say. But that doesn't make him a bad writer. It's just different and takes some getting used to. It's an acquired taste of sorts. People also complained the book was depressing which again makes me believe that these people don't really know him. If they knew him they would know that he did deal with a lot of depression in his life. He is Bipolar and also deals with anxiety. I can't claim to know everything about him. Some of the things in this book were even a surprise to me. But I really did like it. I got this book for my birthday shortly after it came out. I wanted this book as soon as I found out he was writing it and waited as patiently as possible though I didn't get a chance to read it until much later. I obviously love Pete Wentz so maybe I'm biased. The only complaint I really have is that I wish the ending was different. It wasn't a really good ending. It was just okay. But I still give this book 5 stars and I think that if you are someone who loves Pete or is going through similar struggles, you will really like this book.