Room - Emma Donoghue

Quite a few people recommended this book. There were plenty of good reviews. I waited a very long time to finally get my hands on this book and was so excited to read it. This book did disappoint me. I understand that it's a difficult subject to write about or even read about sometimes. The author handled it well at many parts throughout the book. I thought it was interesting at first that the narrator is a five year old but it soon grew tiring. It was a very frustrating point of view that gets old very quickly. It also gets rather annoying and sometimes disturbing as he constantly kept referring to his mother's boobs and his own penis. I didn't mind it the first couple times but then it just kept happening and disturbed me more and more. It was tiring that he always named every object like a proper pronoun. And at several points I didn't find the narration realistic for a five year old. His speech was confusing. I do have to say the book was a quick read and I was pleasantly surprised that the mother is able to provide a sense of normalcy in her son's life. I wasn't expecting that.